ipguard - tool designed to protect LAN IP adress space by ARP spoofing.

ipguard listens network for ARP packets. All permitted MAC/IP pairs listed in 'ethers' file. If it recieves one with MAC/IP pair, which is not listed in 'ethers' file, it will send ARP reply with configured fake address. This will prevent not permitted host to work properly in this ethernet segment.

MD5 (ipguard-1.04.tar.gz) = 7f44f7c31876f0d68792f02047e25409
SHA1 (ipguard-1.04.tar.gz) = bf2074539a8c5b7fa50f376ed6f11df46da9327c

ipguard-1.02-r2.tar.gz - previous version with irix's broadcast patch
MD5 (ipguard-1.02-r2.tar.gz) = ea771703de1fb0db8d1eb67f33c9ba48
SHA1 (ipguard-1.02-r2.tar.gz) = 08a661379b56b12881f864c62d733f8e009646b5

hwaddr.tgz - Small piece of code for testing libnet_get_hwaddr()